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"BattlEye Initialization Failed" Exile Server doesn´t start (1.0.1)

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Hey Guys,

I just setup a Exile 1.0.1 Server on Windows following the Tutorial found here : 

When i tried to start my Server with the provided .bat file, the arma3server console says "BattlEye Initialization failed" and the Server doesn´t start. When starting the vanilla arma3server.exe there are no problems with BattlEye and i have no idea what the reason for this might be. I hope some of you can help me fix this.

Thanks, Paul

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Hi m8 your answer is in the same forum How 2 setup rcon

anyway i'm going to do my first help :)

1. go to your arma 3 server directory and into your battleye folder

2. edit BEserver.cfg with notepad ++ to look like this

RConPassword changeme
MaxPing 300
RConPort 2309

the password will be the same as the Rcon password you setup in @Exileserver extdb-conf if you have not done this do it


;; This is functional, should be working fine. Just needs abit of testing on a $
;; Allow for changing Address for those running server in a VM environment.
IP =
Port = 2309

;; Rcon Password i.e Battleye/beserver.cfg
Password = changeme

save everything and copy the BEServer.cfg to SC Battleye folder.

thats it your good to go you'll get and error about max ping but dont worry about it 

you can now download dart or EPM RCon Tool and log in


fixed - just remove the max ping from arma 3 server battleye BEServer.cfg   and from SC Battleye BEServer.cfg 

then add it into your @ExileServer config.cfg just stick it below persistent

maxPlayers                             = 100;        
voteMissionPlayers                     = 200;   
voteThreshold                         = 200;
disableVoN                            = 0;        
vonCodecQuality                     = 30;   
persistent                          = 1;
maxping                                = 300;   

Jobs a good 1 ;)

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