How come rocket launchers are spawning so much? (changed loot table in my server files)

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So I went to my server config file and replaced a few things with rocket launcher stuff for military zones (i didnt add any lines, just replaced them)
and i set the percentage for them to about 0.05% drop give or take .03%

Now pretty much all of the loot at military zones are rocket launcher stuff lol. anyone know why and how i can change it?

Here is a pic of the numbers:Capture.JPG


Capture 2.JPG


Did i set the percentage wrong? Does it matter that theya re at the top of the list? And what does the yellow number on the left mean?


Im so confused, sorry for my ignorance im new to this


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Sorry for posting twice, I thought I'd get more of a chance at an answer. Won't happen again.


Anyways I didn't know about the loot compiler..looks kind of confusing, I'll have to try it out. Thanks.


I'm assuming after I compile the table I just copy&paste it over the section in my config.cpp

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its easy to use.

there are 2 sets of RNG

1. Choosing a section of items

2. Choosing an item from the section

loottables.h; displays the chance at each section of items (pistol, rifle, attachments, ghillie suits, epicweapons ect) from this file you can choose the types of items that will be spawning the most, up to a value of 100(higher aswell i explain a bit lower), if every section in a loot table ( table: Civilianlowerclass) adds up to 100, it will be a % chance, i.e 

> CivilianLowerClass

95, Rifles          //95% chance for rifles

5, Food           //<5% chance for food


lootitemgroups.h; displays each item inside of the section to choose from, this is where you determine which types of items will spawn at each section, (your problem is above) by default there are many different item sections ranging from pistols to junk to dlcweapons to ghillies ect, you can change all of this but the defaults will work fine to start


> Rifles

50, RPK               //50% chance rpk

20, MXC             //20% chance mxc

30, Katiba               //30% chance katiba



If you want items spawning VERY rare, as in like 0.001 chance to spawn, you will simply increase the numbers ABOVE 100% (100 total) and leave the specific item you want to be rare low, i don't know the exact conversion once it's past 100% as i failed middle school math but suffice to say higher numbers = less of a chance for the lower numbers by tons

> Snipers

90, LRR

90, GM6

5, DMR

The DMR here will be rare as fuck, if you have even more items on the list, the more items the less chance for one to spawn, if you have any mods for items, make sure to cut out duplicates and uneccicary versions as to prevent weapon stacking i.e

5, AK47

5, AK47s

5, AK47u

5, AK74

5, AK74s

5, AK74u


5, AK74launcher

this is common in MANY weapon and gear mods, they will flood your loot table if you do not cut out the extra variants, DON'T be that server theres already tons of copy paste's that are painful to look at, try to limit to 1-3 variants per weapon, as thats roughly how arma weapons are spaced out. if not even bring it down to 1-2 types each, and cut out some arma weapons aswell. I personally cut out all the tan MX's for example as my map is not on a desert. :P


Once ALLLL of this is done, drag loottables.h over compile.bat and it will create your cfgloottable for your server, just copy over and paste into your exile_server_config, either look through the *100 pings* to see what kind of loot you will see, or hop ingame and inspect a few areas to see the general spread of items, then adjust if necessary 

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32 minutes ago, ProfessorBAG said:

thanks mike! that was super helpful, i got it all fixed up.

any other questions feel free i learned alot of the basic stuff over the past month or two

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