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Crazy Mike

Doing a bit of changing to the loot spawn system

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I'm about to try anyway but if anyone has any insight on having loot spawn in larger buildings i'd appreciate a response.

I'm going to reposition every building in the game, with the mindset that I'm going to increase the total possible loot positions to 20. Smaller buildings will only have 2-4 positions while much larger buildings will have upwards of 20 to force more loot to spawn in them, (im looking at you altis barracks ect) with the vanilla settings at like 3 or so, that means only 3 item piles will spawn, on my server now I have increased it to 8 but it isn't enough especially for the old apartment complexs that I have on my server, my question is that if the loot will spawn up to 20 in some VERY large buildings, with an average population of about 20-30 players on, just how much of a drop would be it? you can use your own server host as a reference point if you are guessing the stress the server will be under, I just need a rough idea how far i can push the density / spread of loot throughout my map, thanks for any responses, since I've yet to even put my server up for a few more days I can't really test it with alot of players to see what works nicely :#

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