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Crazy Mike

Using unused items to craft

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On my server I have touched every single crafting recipe to use currently unused items and tools, and appropriately unhashed and priced them and put them on the loot table, my question to you is, some items I can't find a thing to use for, I intend to make use of every item I possibly can. I also just had the brilliant idea of using the battery to turn a regular screw driver into a cordless screwdriver, which you need to build nearly everything since how the hell else are you going to build a massive wooden wall without goddamn screws :P


question; What the hell can I use wooden sticks to craft, I currently have it when you use a knife or axe on wooden logs you get a few sticks, I don't know what else to use in this, most of my ideas would require a script to give them an interaction with other things, I cannot goddamn think of a use for them in just a crafting recipe


I was thinking a splint that would allow you to run if you are below 50% health, until you are above 50% health, but that would require another item or just adding an action in general if you have wooden sticks or any item in your inventory, which requires knowledge, which I lack :3 OR giving them a use when it comes to campfires, changing the duration of the fire down to 2 minutes (probably just fucking with some exileclient code that i can atleast do), then notifying the players in the chatbox if they don't continue to feed the fire with sticks before 2 minutes it will go out and they will need to relight it with matches.

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