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Player based economy traders.

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Something I think would help move away from the geared in 30 minutes (or less) issue that many servers seem to have (I realise it's not an issue as such but it certainly detracts from the survival aspect) is having traders that are only stocked with items players have sold to them (maybe plus a few basics like food and drink?). Whilst I've never played it, I believe Epoch has/had a system like this and MarXet was strikingly close.

I would love for something like this to be implemented and for it to be configurable on or off. If enabled, it uses the config set buy and sell prices for items, but stock levels are only that which the players have sold to the traders. Traders could remain the same, only having access to the items they would normally sell, but only in the volumes sold to the traders.

If disabled it uses the normal trader system as is.

The idea would be that it promotes all of the fundamental game mechanics; looting (so you can sell to traders), missions and engaging AI (for the sweet sweet loot), and it would promote PVP (and the stealing of other players loot).


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