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The Exiled

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Hallo Players,

Were The Exiled.

We have a fully functional Discord and website/forum running and are now recruiting for fellow clan members too join our international community.

Our website is under construction, But it is already functional for use.
Were planning on Growing a strong and healthy community with players that fit our profile and are able too play in High danger situations.

We are playing on CCG Exile Chernarus server where were setup with a base and sufficient gear.

We also have a clan VIP slots to be able to get into all the CCG servers. So we have the chance to move around on all 8 CCG servers.

We have a couple of things we ask from you before you apply:

1. A tactical and disciplined mindset is a must as we recuire a total of 300 hours in arma 2/3 combined .
2. Being active on the forum/teamspeak/In game .
3. Join our events and clan meetings regularly ( They will be scheduled on the forum. )
4. Disciplined radio silence when under fire .
5. Enjoy playing in a tight group.
6. Being 18+
7. 300+ hours in arma 3 or arma 2 ( can be combined too meet the 300 requirement )
8. No Vac ban

You can join us by going to our website:

Or join our Discord:


Or contacting me on steam:


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