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Change Map Spawn Vehicles.

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Hello guys.

I've been doing a lot of searching and reading on the forums and can't find an answer tailored for my question.

I am trying to up the number of spawn vehicles on the map as well as add some vehicles to the list.


        vehiclesGridAmount = 2;

To something like "10" increases it quite a lot, but only in small concentrated pockets. I am trying to get a better even spread over the map.

Unless you drop in a town where there are mostly bicycles and maybe 1 quad bike, you search for forever to try and find something.

I also tried adding two vehicles.

        // Stuff to spawn on roads
        ground[] =
            "B_Truck_01_transport_F ",                            <= Added
            " C_Heli_Light_01_civil_F ",                             <= Added
            " C_Heli_light_01_ion_F ",                               <= Added
            " C_Heli_light_01_blueLine_F "                      <= Added

Flew all over the map to all the "VehicleDebugMarkers" but only always find these old ready for the junkyard vehicles.

Can someone pleeeaaaassse help me out.

Am I missing something? Doing something wrong? or is there an addon that would make life simpler as far as configuring dynamic spawn vehicles?

Thank you in advance.



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