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Delete Vehicle Wrecks Separate From Player Corpses

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I'm not sure where to post this, so I'm posting it here.

Right now Exile has the player corpse and the vehicle wreck cleanup on the same timer setting. This is annoying for a couple of reasons.

  1. Players want a chance to get back to their bodies, so setting this to 15 minutes gives players a chance at least.
  2. Server owners want wrecked vehicles cleaned up quickly for performance reasons.
  3. When a player dies in the vehicle and  the vehicle is destroyed their corpse is trapped inside. No way to pull it out. So it and the wrecked vehicle get deleted together.
  4. In PVP the attackers gain nothing by taking out a vehicle and it's occupants.

As an admin I can delete the wreck. When this happens the corpses of any players inside are released from the wreck and are able to be looted.

What I'd love to see is this. Separate the cleanup timers for corpses and wrecks so admins can choose how long each type sticks around for before it's cleaned up. I'd also like to see it that any player that dies while inside a vehicle is immediately ejected regardless of whether the vehicle is destroyed or not. This way any PVP attackers would at least get some rewards for their kill in the form of the player's loot.

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rather get wrecked in vehicle with all that i got than some1 steals my corpse empty.


Question; what would happen to you and everything you got on your person when your vehicle explodes and burns?


Answer; NOTHING stays left.


No pun

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