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Hi all 

I'm using this mod to add classes to my traders

there seem's to be a problem with some of the vehicles as a bunch of them at the top say 0 to buy

the vehicles are the Prowler unarmed and armed, the Qilin unarmed and armed, the  kart's some quad bikes and finally the MB4WD

are the vehicle prices somewhere else like in the config.pbo or config.cpp

also I carn't see the lynx, cyrus and that .338 gun

anyone got any ideas plz much appreciated

if i go right to the bottom of the vehicle trader the prowler is the but its a different colour like pick or green same with some other vehicles, it seems as though the trader is loading the mod vehicles in first and then the normal vehicles.  

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Those vehicles that are at the beginning with no money next to them are glitched vehicles. Players can't buy them so do not worry. I know it looks ugly but I have the same issue with my traders too. If I find a solution I will let you know.

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