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Crazy Mike

Water Barrels dont give water

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Had a funny problem I didn't notice until someone made one the water barrels don't register as useable water sources in vanilla exile, (lol?) so I went in and put in some of the names classnames that it has and they all do not work. Funny enough the watercooler from extended base mod & all around altis work, (the small drink dispensor) but NOT the water barrel found in base building


MY question is what do I name this in water source for it to work? I have a few names in there but all aren't taken to work, in the spoiler, I can switch the recipe around to give the pump that works but I much rather would have the exile water barrel, just need to know what it's called in water source



class CleanWaterSource
        name = "Water Pumps";
        models[] =     
            "Water Barrel",


This last one was in vanilla exile but isnt part of vanilla exile building lmao

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