Arma 3 Server (Dedicated Windows vs Linux)

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Hi guys I have found a really good deal on a dedicated box but the only problem is I wont be able to put windows on it, so next option is Linux , that raises the question how does Arma 3 server do on Linux box? if as good as say windows 2012 server , what Linux OS would you recommend? Centos 7.2? I would like to hear from server owners with 25 + players if possible!

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Coke vs Pepsi,  Chevy vs Ford, Tastes Great vs Less Filling....   Windows vs Linux. 

My personal experience is that I get better performance from the Linux host than windows when the hardware specs are equal... but more important question is who will be managing the server and what are they skilled in.    Most people know windows to some degree, fewer people know how to use Linux, therefore there are more tools, guides and scripts for Windows circulating within the community.

So tell us about this great deal on dedicated boxes? :)     I am currently using Amazon AWS, EC2 + RDS for under $50/month... I chose AWS because I needed to learn it for work, mixing business with pleasure.  

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