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Crazy Mike

Increasing axe damage distance (IT DOES WORK)

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Currently alot of people claim the melee weapons dont do damage, which is untrue, they just do damage exactly where the hitsplat is example below




My suggestion is to either increase the range of this by 1 meter or create many of them in between and to also increase the range to help the damage reach the target, normally its impossible to hit someone from the front or back unless your both at the right angle for the axe "bullet" to hit them directly, the axe should be like how it is in this screenshot, a deadly 1 hit weapon at melee range, right now in exile it and the other melee weapons kinda suck because their "bullets" cant reach the target, i call them bullets because the axe essentially shoots the damage / impact effect out infront at a set range(there is no travel time however as you can be between the axe and this impact spot and take no damage, one set coordinate infront i guess), this set range is bad and needs to be adjusted and I do not think this is fixable server side, not to mention this would be an AMAZING fix to go along with the hopefully hunting system next update, would be awesome to kill a chicken with an axe haha, wouldnt be possible right now with how the melee weapons are


thank you for reading

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