QG Servers: My Experience - MUST READ for anyone considering a gsp

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Exile Community,

I thought I'd share my experience with the community in hopes it will help anyone looking to make an informed decision in terms of selecting a game server provider.


QG Servers 1,000,000/10 customer service, fast response times, faster turnaround times, professional, courteous, excellent solutioning. These guys are great. If they weren't headquartered across the pond, I'd have beers with them.


I'm newer than a bambi to the Arma3/Exile community. Back in the summer, a few buddies introduced me to the standalone DayZ. I played for a few days but felt the game focused too much on character maintenance than I cared for. This same group also played Exile and needless to say I was sold immediately. After playing a few months on a server based in Germany, I decided I wanted to host one closer to my neck of the woods for better pings and tailor it more specifically to what we were looking for. It was something I've always wanted to do as I've been playing FPS-based games since Wolfenstein-3D levels 1-3 came out as shareware (who remembers that fossil of a term!!??).

After about an hour of research, I went with my initial provider (not QG), and got to work modding it once it came online the following day. There were many things I wanted to add that the gsp did not support. I immediately had questions, and found my way here. I know and work with a few coding languages, but C++ wasn't one of them. I quickly realized I had a lot of catching up to do. Having experience in Help Ticket resolution, I know how easy they are for people to create, and even easier for providers to roll their eyes at due to the lack of info/etc...things like 'My mods don't work', or 'I got an error message'. O.o For this reason, I try to find an answer here, other Arma3 knowledge bases, and post a question or file a help ticket as the very last resort. I literally spent days and nights going through lines of code, reading forums, and getting a great deal done on my own. At the same time, my server was still private as we were working through the kinks. My initial provider did mean well, but I believe they were geared more towards other games. Most of my asks were met with 'sorry' and 'unfortunately', and their selection of mods was extremely limited. Working on it at least 10+ hours a week, the server went up at the end of August and is still not ready for public play.

Enter QG Servers:

Extremely frustrated, I was thinking of pulling the plug altogether. I was here in this forum reading through posts one day, and came across someone (a mod nonetheless haha) posting about an issue they were having with their server. In my ignorance, I quickly read the post and made a knee-jerk comment something to the effect of 'all providers will tell you it's on your end'. Within the HOUR, that's right, the HOUR, QG Servers replied to my comment correcting me. I was extremely impressed--foot-in-mouth--but impressed. It was cool to know a provider is active in this community, and quick to right any misinformation. Immediate response was not something I was used to with my initial provider.

I reached out to QG, explaining the frustrations with my initial gsp, along with a hefty list of things I wanted to run in my 'dream server' scenario. I was expecting 'sorry' or 'unfortunately' for at least 50% of this list...and around 24-48 hours for them to get back to me. A few hours later, the message came back:

'No problem, we can get that all done for you.'.

I'm not kidding when I say I've worked nights and days to get my first server open to the public. I was literally at the end of my rope, admitting I bit off more than I could chew, and going back to playing on other servers. I was extremely frustrated and worried I had wasted all those hours for nothing. I couldn't believe it. I instantly had the feeling of relief. I also wished I would have gone with QG from the start--and they have done nothing but prove that inclination to be accurate. I purchased the server on a Thursday and by the following Monday it was open to the public. In 3 days they had managed to deliver what I had been attempting for almost 2 months. During the setup, they kept me abreast of the progress. At any point in time I knew how things were coming along...which in and of itself is comforting to know your ticket is not just sitting idle in some deep help ticket abyss. I also found the QG admin console EXTREMELY robust when compared to my former provider. Many nice tools and features so simple, you can use them with your monitor turned off (almost). In addition, based on their initial impression of me, they could have easily made things a little more difficult, or told me they couldn't help.

In Conclusion:

To anyone still reading this diatribe, and considering a gsp, I hope my story will help you decide. I normally would not carry on in such detail, but I wanted to stress the time and effort I was putting in and getting nowhere--through my own inexperience coupled with the limitations of my former gsp. The gents at QG Servers saved the day and that's no exaggeration. If you're new, if you value your time, quality service, excellent communication, and professional experience, I don't think you will be anything less than pleased with these guys.

A huge THANK YOU to the guys over at QG Servers.

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The server I co-own and admin also use QG and are generally very happy with the service.

There have been some issues though, esp. with relation to server stability (crashes/hardware fails/restarts that fail to occur), but not many.
Also some deliveries have come with the wrong settings and an old DB schema.  It took a while for us to figure those out since it initially looked complete.
All in all I would recommend them, esp. if you want a turn-key solution and don't know too much about running an Exile server.
With the experience we have now, we probably would have gone for a bare-bones dedicated server with proven uptime.

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I as well have to agree with you @Sloveni4n I was with them for about 6 months, going from one gsp to another, 4 attempts later, found QGS. After seeing the amazing communication and efforts, and especially to provide new server owners the ability to one click install just about everything you could imagine. In that time period I made a connection with qgs and started talking to them as friends. There servers are very smooth and reliable. No database crashes or system crashes, if the server goes down they will inform you of it. I would still be with them if my Mission file didnt take so much CPU, I was using roughly 60% of their cpu up on a PVE, 30+ server. And they kept me there, and even gave me an option to try out one of their hybrid servers. I felt that as a business I needed to move up because QGS was no longer profiting from my side of things. So, I have sent some people to them and will continue to send people to them because they ARE the GSP! Thank you Craig and Cody the most from QGS. You have made your impression and I will continue to support you guys! Thanks for everything!

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Glad to hear there are people out there that share similar positive experiences with these guys!

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