Open Chernarus Project (Beta Release) - Plug N Play - ALL MAPS SUPPORTED NOW

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Open Chernarus Project
Open Chernarus Project w/JBAD


@OCP Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=786777307&searchtext=open+chernarus

@OCP+JBAD Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=786865959


Required to install on server as a -mod
Required for client to install(Available on steam and a3l)

Server: Add @OCP or @OCP_Jbad to your server folder


Mission: Add "DATA_HOUSES_DS","ds_houses" to your addons section in the mission.sqm

addons[] = {

Client: Click Subscribe on the steam workshop or arma 3 launcher


The original work was done by ARGUMENT and released in this thread at BIS: 

In june of 2016 he released his work in this post: https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/171990-wip-buildings-of-russian-village/?p=3051642

This release is in alpha state and work can be done to improve it.
These models were released on the BIS forums under APL-SA and are licensed the same way in the addon.

I got my hands on them about a week ago and have gotten them to work in secure signature check servers a few days ago.
This has been tested with A2OP. it should work the same with CUP / A3MP / All In Arma.


UPDATE: Key added for hosting on your own server

UPDATE2: Search and replace script added runs server only like our custom building pbo's
UPDATE3: Added new version to steam with JBAD requirements
UPDATE4: Added search and replace to the new Version with JBAD replacements included
Update6: mod made into plug n play nothing needed for owners to get going, replaces automatically.
Update 7: 11/5/2016
 Update released with new key(ATTN OWNERS/HOSTERS)
  [Added] MultiMap / MultiMod support for Chernarus and napf / JBAD
  [Fixed] Surface and Penetration and Texture PopUp errors
  [Fixed] All ca\data paths in models adjusted to compatible arma 3 a3\data_f paths

Update 8-9: missed putting up 8's info oh well: 11/19/2016
 [FIXED]House 3I1 - glass from back door did not move with opening of door
 [FIXED]Config errors - all 12 original configs were missing entries
 [FIXED]Ruins - all Houses were pointing to incorrect location of ruins models
 [FIXED]Models.cfg - 2 of these had an extra comma at the end of the selection


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17Jan2017 Updated INFO on frontpage
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Published new version with Pictures included as well as a Keys folder with bikey for hosting on your own servers :)



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Give the admins a few minutes to test and release guys, most of us have day jobs! :) 

@DirtySanchez Awesome effort!  As @Crazy Mike said, you are the hero of Chernarus.

Edited by Riker2335
to thank DirtySanchez :)

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