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Arma 3 Admin Tools


Hello Exile Community, i know its strange but i got an big problem with infiSTAR.

I Play on a Altis Life Arma 3 Server.

Going well and were fine but then i was too good and i got promoted to Admin. and they gave me Accsses to the Admin Tool from InfiSTAR. [the Server is hosted on nitrado and got Infistar Nitrado version]

when i go ingame and press F1 or F2 it showes [AdminLogin Succsessfull] but no admin menu, i got in the Z menu the admin buttons but it wont open the admin tools on F2

we found no clue and i saw the infistar support answereing here so i ask here if someone cloud help me.

I gave the Owner my Steam Account Details so he can look if he can use the menu but he cant so its a Problem with my client or my computer. already reinstalled Arma 3.

Btw. the server is using SealDrop

The owner is often here so you can find him too.

Please contact me on TeamSpeak 3 [Ernst Fall] i can speak german and some english but it will work.


I Hope Someone can help me



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That message isn't from infiSTAR :)

You've probably been made an admin of the server owner but def not an infiSTAR admin

we can't help you anyways as that would require more information on the server e.g. the currently used version of infiSTAR, config file, server rpt file and still it's not a problem it's just your admin not adding you correctly :)

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