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Having a radio or object play music

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I've been trying to get a object play a sound, which I have done in editor, but can't get going in game. This is what I have so far

in my initserver.sqf

["Land_BackAlley_01_l_gate_F", [9053.12, 16061.4, 134.402], [-0.961636, 0.274328, 0], [0, 0, 1], true]

    private _vehicle = (_x select 0) createVehicle (_x select 1);
    _vehicle allowDamage false;
    _vehicle setPosWorld (_x select 1);
    _vehicle setVectorDirAndUp [_x select 2, _x select 3];
    _vehicle enableSimulationGlobal (_x select 4);
    _vehicle setVariable ["ExileIsLocked", -1, true];

    _vehicle ="sam"; //i want to name the object sam, is this how??

I execute the script below in the init


[[while {true} do

                  playSound3D ["A3\music_f\Music\AmbientTrack01a_F.ogg", sam, false, getPos sam, 30, 1, 80];
                  sleep 60;
              ,"",true,true,false] call BIS_fnc_MP;

Every 60 seconds the song should repeat.  I'm guessing i've just named the object wrong? Thanks

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