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These are our official Map files 

These are the files For our offical Map on the exile IGG chernarus server 

Feel free to use at your own will! Join us in teamspeak if you have any questions 



  • Spawns around the South and East of the map
  • Custom aircraft traders
  • Completely Custom Traders
  • exile_server_config In downloads section for loot positions for OCP+Jbad
  • SpawnCords are in a txt

Not added:

  • Cement Mixers
  • Roulette

Addons Required :

  • Open Chernarus Project + jbad
  • CUP Maps 
  • CUP Core

If you cant figure out how to install it and pack it into a pbo maybe you shouldn't use it. 




Shouts out to @kuplion and  @odizzzzle without their work in the forums i wouldn't have been able to create these

I will not be updating this IT WORKS

 After editing your config.cpp And doing any other configuring you wish Pack it as a PBO And enjoy!


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13 minutes ago, kuplion said:

Very nice work. :)

Thanks!!! it took awhile to get it all sorted but it was worth it !

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