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Spawn system broken?


So when trying to join my server, i can't pick spawn location and the camera is just stuck in the grass, can't press escape to respawn, can't do anything. Please help :)

- Extal

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I got the same problem with my server (I am the main Admin).

When people spawn in on a new connection, or die, they spawn on the middle island, under the ground, without their money or anything else visible in the HUD.

Here the error it gives server side:


10:53:14 "ExileServer - Dispatching hasPlayerRequest for session 'iKBBAfBm'..."
10:53:14 "ExileServer - hasPlayerRequest failed!"
10:53:14 "ExileServer - getPlayerUID returned an empty string!"

Pls help me finding a fix, I have had a similar problem before, where you need to delete a couple of entries out of the database to fix it, but that doesnt seem to work...



Update 1:
It seems to occur after about 40min of server up time. After restarting the server it works fine again, until 40 min later it starts again..

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