Exile_XG_Logistics Wont Show menu?

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Alright So I Got Exile_XG_logistics on my server so we can load crates/ammo crates into trucks/cars/etc..

I am able to See the Open Crate Storage Option, But when i click it  Nothing happens, No error Code, No Noises, No Interface Pop Up, Nada,  
I went Under the Config File and move the number from 5 to 10 to 20 Hoping that maybe it just not registering me being close enough to it * even though im touching the dang thing lol* And Still nothing So i reverted it back to 5 and recompiled the mission pbo.

I have Tried Using Many Different Vehicles. Including Planes, Helis, Trucks,Cars, Tanks etc. And The same Problem Occurs, I have had multiple people try it in game with same results,  I contacted a Admin of a Server that i know uses it, And he pretty much told me to shove off.. Even after offering $ to help lol.

I am Using Infistar, and Have Searched Just about everywhere possible, And Nothing is coming up,  So im hoping someone here is/has Used it and has it working and could help me out to get it to work on my server,  

I do not want to Use Igiload as it loads it in the back of the Vehicle and meh  I found that causes too many issues lol. 


Im more then glad to lend access to the server if need to be. Or Give a few dollars to get it to work for your time.    

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Would Payment be a Option for someone to help me fix it? :D  Im desperate right now haha

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