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Help with advanced building


Not sure if this is the right place but I couldn't see any sub forums that suited it so thought I would ask here.

I am trying to build a base with using vector building. I have seen some really cool bases with like a diagonal walk way going up at a 45 degree angle or steeper. Here is the start of mine:


My question is this. I saw these bases with very tall walkway, like 10-20 floor pieces long. Does every part of this sky tunnel need to be placed manually? When I saw them they looked so precise that I just presumed you vector one piece in and then everything else can snap to it, however unless I am missing something in practice it doesn't work like this. 

Am I missing something, is there a easier way to build this other then manually placing every piece and having to line it all up. The big concern is more replacing  pieces when I get concrete or metal upgrades form loot chests etc. Seems incredibly tedious. Would llike to know now before I get stuck into this.

Thank you for any help or advice anyone can give,

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