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So still kinda new to the features of Exile. Loving it. I noticed at the gas pumps an NPC is there to change pins and paint cars. I saw a huge lack of paint jobs, such as (for my server) no strider ones, and so on. When I asked my Admin, he said it required a type of picture file per vehicle per paint job but if we got those for him he would add in as many as we wanted. 

SO I come to you guys, the community. Help us out! Show me where I can get these files for paint jobs, as well as pictures of what they look like! We use:
Exile vehicles
MAS vehicles
CUP vehicles
APEX vehicles

Thank you guys in advance!

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Make them or pay someone to do it. As far as vehicle skins I haven't seen someone release anything like that except for hollow. But I'm pretty sure he removed it.

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