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13 hours ago, [RG] Salutesh said:

Are these the normal CUP Buildings or new ones from the CUP CWA Mod?

I think loot positions for these buildings are already in the forums. :bandit:

for all buildings


class Land_MBG_GER_HUS_2   //the chance of 50% table1 and table2
        table = "Shop"; // small objects
        positions[] = {
        table2 = "CivillianLowerClass2";// large objects
        positions2[] = {

small objects



large objects



if not found in the building table2 used table)

p.s  I'm sorry, maybe I did not write in that topic? I make the position only for map, without the use of fashion @Exile Taunus, because this mod is not a3laucher,or is it not important?

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will there be anyone kind enough to release a vanilla mission file for it, i don't really know how to make one

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