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With no water on the map, I'm having the issue that I used to have with Chernarus, trying to keep the vehicles from spawning in "no man's land" past the
map's edges.

Did i understand you right? you would define the area where the random vehicles can spawn and none of them outside the "real" map? had this issue on chernarus too and solved this with an override of the "ExileServer_world_spawnVehicles.sqf" in your customcode (missionfile-->config.cpp). You can change the grid size there....


_mapsizeX = worldSize;
_mapsizeY = worldSize

to: (for example my Chernarus Gridsize)

_mapsizeX = 14000;
_mapsizeY = 14000;

Play around with that and it should work :)

Kuplion, is this something for your Chernarus-Files?

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