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ahhhhhhhhhhm, did you read the startpost including the temporary fix for exactly this door issue? there are 8 pages full of information.  not to much to read them all O.o

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6 hours ago, Enoli4z said:

Hello, after the big update of arma, I have a lot of bug on the server that can harm the players and I myself;)
1 - The locked doors of the bases do not open even unlocked!
2 - Vehicles explode very often when approaching some!
I saw that EBM released an update that I made for door problems but the problem is scurring.
Anyone with a solution or troubleshooting?
thank you in advance

The first post in this thread has the temporary fix for the doors. The vehicles exploding is very likely due to this change in Arma 3 1.68:

  • Added A new Hull hit point for wheeled vehicles (so they can be destroyed on a single critical hit)

I have persistent spawned vehicles on my server that spawn with damage. I had to reduce this damage from 90% to 25% and that reduced the chances of them blowing up. I'd love to see something that disables this "new Hill hit point".

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Ever since the update, none of my custom objects (about 6000 total) load any longer. These are objects exported from M3Editor into initserver.sqf under "private_objects". In addition, I tried to re-import from the editor after the patch which didn't help. I did find the following thread from a prior patch but haven't had a chance to try it and am unsure if it is related to my issue.

Has anyone else had any difficulty with custom objects post patch and how did you resolve it?

Many thanks!

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