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Ok so after spending few days on trying to make it work i have a question. I want to make a DMS mission crate to spawn fixed number of specified weapons or items. Not random. Few cases that i need are:
1. I chosen 11 launchers and i want to spawn one of each launcher with respective ammo. So it should be 11 different launchers and ammo.
2. I want to spawn 5 types of food. 5 times each type of food and 2 times "special" type of food.
3. I want to spawn 5 types of construction parts. 10 times each part. Not random.
Would be very glad to have an example how to do at least one of these cases then i can figure out how to do the rest. I tried addItemCargoGlobal but it spawns items in crate before the mission is completed. Thanks!

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