[Release] Lythium Mission Files for 1.0.3b and Arma 1.70

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16 hours ago, hogansheroes said:

Have you got the mods installed to run lythium

Client side yes. But I havent tested server side... Gonna do that now.

16 hours ago, Chainsaw Squirrel said:

@dragonmunday12 use spoilers mate .. put the above code, inside the box that you get when you click the eye above , on the message toolbar.


Sorry will do!

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Bug Found for this map - don't know if its a bug post Arma 1.78 but its a feature lol
Lythium map users .. bug found for exile .. tall grass wheat fields .. if you build in those you can not access or interact with any thing in those fields , unless using infistar look at the grass and del .. it turns the grass sideways and then you can interact with items. even a base built in the grass you can see stuff in storage, but can not access .. remove an item.. only insert.. even in a car parked it those fields. you cant remove any gear from the inventory
its a feature 

Tell your users not to build in those - 

Picture of wheat fields

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