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Database Load Times / Long Restarts (10-15min)


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My server has really long restart times. From all of the other threads I've looked at, everyone suggests that it is related to the mods/addons/scripts being used, but I am convinced that it is related to the database, specifically the Constructions and Containers tables.

I have a test server that is identical to my main server in terms of addons, extra scripts, etc. and that server can fully boot within 1-3min, but the main server still takes 10-15min. The only difference between the two is that the test server has a blank database. After reviewing the RPTs over several restarts, I've noticed that the main culprits seem to be the Construction and Container tables within the database. Families, Territories, Vehicles, and World Spawn Vehicles all take about 20-30sec each, but Constructions takes about 7min and Containers takes about 4-6min every restart.

My territory size has a maximum construction limit of 300 pieces (which is less than other servers I've played on that boot quickly). The only thing that I can think of is maybe it's got something to do with loading non-Exile buildings from Extended Base Mod? Same for containers maybe? There are some giant cargo containers that hold about 5x more than Safes...but I wonder if having 5 Safes that are full would make any difference compared to 1 Cargo Container that is full...I don't really know too much about databases, so I was hoping someone can help me out.

Any ideas on how to improve this? I'm also running the server on 32bit, do you think upgrading it to 64bit would improve this a lot? I feel like it might, but like I said there are plenty of other servers that seem more heavily modded and/or have bigger construction limits than mine and they've all been able to restart quickly on 32bit all this time...I just don't get it. :(

I'll list the mods/addons below, but I'm still 90% sure it's related to the database, but maybe I'm wrong? Hopefully someone here knows a solution...


 - Exile
 - CBA
 - Extended Base Mod
 - Ryan Zombies
 - CUP Core
 - CUP Maps
 - CUP Weapons
 - CUP Vehicles
 - CUP Units

 - A3XAI
 - ExileZ
 - DMS Missions
 - Bigfoot's Shipwrecks
 - ZCP Capture Points
 - ExAd (Core, Grinding, Hacking, Virtual Garage, StatsBar, Deploy Vehicle)
 - R3F Loading/Towing/Lifting
 - AVS
 - infiSTAR

 - ExAd (Virtual Garage)
 - infiSTAR
 - AVS (separate .ini file though)


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@odizzzzle it's unlikely to be data transfer at all and that isn't latency sensitive and bandwidth shouldn't be a problem between major datacentres, the multiple transmit/receive commands for a TCP based protocol like SQL is far more likely to be the problem and definitely would be if the environment was in different geographical locations. In this case, it appears as though it was as we suspected.

I've spent many weeks testing and proving these sort of issues in my environment at work for users, it's possible that it was CPU based but that is fairly easy to spot with task manager in Windows or Top in Linux so easily identified and discussed with the server providers if that's the case.

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clarify latency/bandwidth statement.

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