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A3XAI roaming vehicles not working


Good day,

So i have installed the A3XAI mod into my server and its working just fine except for one thing, the roaming vehicles, there seems to be some of them parking accross the map doing nothing but staying in there car, even if you start shooting at them, sometimes they seems mutain and sometimes they actually dies, but no other reaction at all, im not sure what is the problem, maybe its interfere with other mods i have ?

I have also installed ( ZCP - CUP - DMS- Occupation  ) all working fine.


I have made changes to the Config. files of the a3xai mod, it was ( by defult ) disabling the roaming vehicles, so i changed that and enabled it, also i increased the amount of the roaming cars to 100 active car, i dont know if thats too much, maybe its the reason why they act stupid ?


Please not that my scripting and coding skills is way under low, so yeah im a big noob here :)

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This issue occurred with me when I added custom ground vehicles (Hollow's Vehicle Pack) to the default vehicle list. Every Hollow's vehicle just remained parked with AI inside. 

Also note that even when things do work, they will still occasionally "park" and will usually reset after a bit. In addition, setting your vehicles to 100 could also cause server issues. Most will keep it below 20.

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I noticed this more when the vehicles are slightly spawned in the ground . Which forces the scripts to call stuck and the will be deleted by the server. I have sat and watched it for up to five min's.  Dms is working much better for ai  and I have slowly started to use that .

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On 07/06/2017 at 3:55 PM, darasta90 said:

also i increased the amount of the roaming cars to 100 active car

Yes, this will be the reason for the dumb AI. That's an ENORMOUS number of AI vehicles and AI to have on the map. You're asking your server to manage 100 vehicles and the 300+ AI that would be in them plus all the players on the map. It just can't.

Think for a minute how powerful a server you need to manage 50 concurrent players and the server doesn't have to do all the calculations for where they are, what they might want to do etc. it just has to manage loot, comms, ballistics, the mission AI and database traffic. You're asking a server to do double that and manage hundreds of roaming AI brains too.... 

Try starting with 5 roaming AI vehicles and ramp up from there if you find them to be insufficient after you've played for a couple of hours. I personally find that A3XAI is far more exploratory than Occupation so you typically need less vehicles on the server as they move around far more. I used to have about 8 occupation vehicles and I rarely saw them. I now see the 3 A3XAI vehicles I have regularly.

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Hello all,

I know this is kind of an old post but I figured I'd post my question here and see if I get a reply.

I just started my first Exile DS for myself and a few friends, I'ts pretty standard in I'ts current form, I'm running DMS,OCCUPATION AND A3XAI. I've got a few questions I'd like to get answered, but I'll only ask one right now.

It has to do with the piece of code below, taken from A3XAI, do the numbers at the end represent the amount of times those vehicles can respawn if destroyed? or the amount spawned on mission start?.

//Classnames of land vehicle types to use, with the maximum amount of each type to spawn.
    landVehicleList[] = {
        {"Exile_Car_Hatchback_Rusty1",5},  <<<====

If anyone comes across this and could shed some light for me, I'd appreciate it greatly.



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