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PrimusNetworks are proud to announce ourselves to the Exile Community!

PrimusNetworks is a UK based game server provider established in February of 2017, and since then we have excelled in what we do. Our current focus is building our ARMA 3 Exile Infrastructure and expanding as a company. Our growth massively exceeded expectations, and so far, we haven't had a single unhappy customer!

Use code: EXILEFORUM for 15% off your first month!

Throughout the past few months, we have decided to refrain from posting on the forums, and other forms of social media as we wanted to establish a presence in the community, and ensure our service and support was of an extremely high quality. As a team we have decided that now is the best time to begin accepting more wonderful customers, and appealing to a wider audience. Now.. you're probably wondering about all the juicy details about us and what we have to offer so lets get onto it!

What makes us different?

At PrimusNetworks we don't just copy what the competition do, that would be pointless. Many people nowadays, struggle, or simply don't have the time to develop/configure and install scripts to their ARMA 3 Server - That's where we come in. We DO NOT sell scripts, but we do install them for an affordable price. Simply pay us a fee, to cover the labour costs, from 3 plans (Bronze, Silver and Gold) and we will happily install & build your server for you. This can consist of building custom missions, supporting custom maps and much more. We also offer a "Scripting Maintenance" plan that covers updates, optimisation, installing more addons down the line and much more for the extremely affordable price of £11.99 per month. We also believe in great ease-of-use, hence why we developed our fantastic control panel, which will be mentioned further down this topic.

Our Reviews:

To see what others think of us, take a look at our TrustPilot page!


Our Nodes

At PrimusNetworks we currently utilise high clock speed CPU Servers. ARMA is a CPU intensive application and so a high-end CPU is required. Our nodes typically consist of i7 6700K (4.2 GHz) CPU's, 64GB DDR4 ECC RAM, ONLY SSD Drives and AT LEAST A 500Mpbs uplink.

We currently host our servers in London, UK & Miami, USA. We plan to expand to the following in the near future:

  • West Coast USA
  • Central USA
  • France
  • Australia
  • Canada (To be announced)
  • Asia (To be announced)


Our team are all gamers, that at some point, ran our own servers. We understand how important support is. This is why at Primus Networks regardless of the day, time or event if you encounter an issue, have a concern, or have a request - Our support team are on hand 24/7 to assist you.

Our Key Values

We believe that if we can follow a number of key points as a host, we can provide the best service to you as a customer, so here are the values we pride ourselves on.

  • Customer Support - 24/7 Support, with high quality responses and fast resolution times
  • Quality of Service- 24/7 Uptime with no lag, hosted on high-end machinery
  • Ease-Of-Use - A fantastic control panel with a huge variety of features, and a bespoke installation service
  • Affordability - While maintaining high standards, we have affordable services 

Features & Our Control Panel

  • Development Service
  • Huge variety of 1 click installs
  • Instant server setup (less than 45 seconds)
  • No overselling.
  • Full FTP Access
  • Live console
  • Free extDB3 Conversion
  • Migration from host-to-host, free of charge
  • Live console

Take a look at a live demo of our ARMA 3 Exile control panel by our CEO, George!


We look forward to providing an excellent service to all of our customers. If you have any questions do not hesitate to leave a reply on this post, or contact our dedicated support team directly.


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Having been thru multiple game server providers all the way back from arma 2 thru to arma 3 I can say without hesitation that Primus is by far the best GSP I have ever used! I ordered their gold package as I had a custom map ( Chernarus Isles ) that wasn't apart of their 1 click map installs ( which I might add NONE of the other mentioned gsp's here was willing to do! ) and over 20 scripts/mods. Primus not only said "sure we'll add that map for you but we will also make you a custom mission file ( at no extra charge may I add! ) With the custom map, mission file, infistar ( which I own ), and 20 plus mods/scripts I was told my installation would be done in 48 hours. Well I didn't believe them and I was right. However they didn't complete my server in 48 hours.. They did it in TWELVE!!

QGS was on the right track offering 1 click installs and custom mod work done at reasonable prices however anyone who did use them knows when it came time for them to install a mod/script/exile update for you that it would take eons! ( sometimes over a week for one mod! ) Well with Primus I gave them more mods after the fact and there amazing technicians replied almost instantly and my mods we're installed that same day!

From their owner to there head technician Charlie you can rest assured your in good hands. They will always be patient ( I'm a super noob when it comes to servers as Im sure you've seen in recent posts by me ) they are always professional, and most important they are fast fast FAST!

When you order with Primus you will be amazed at how great they are and wonder why customer service like this hasn't existed in the arma universe until now!

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Been with "Primus-Networks" for just over nine days so far. The customer service response time is very high quality instead of waiting for a reply between 24-72 hours you get with most Arma 3 GSP's. You'll get a response within that day and more then likely within 30 minutes of sending a support Ticket. You can also visit their Discord channel to get a quicker reply via their support voice channels or text channels.

Before I was with "Primus-Networks" and was on the market looking to upgrade from our test server GPS to a decent GPS. I was introduced to "Primus-Networks" and spoke with one of the guys on their Discord channel. Gathering all the required information you need to know in regards to starting the server.

They'll go the extra mile for you, by asking if you'll require any assistance in installing all your mods to save on your internet upload. Which I turned down as I had all my data already in a folder on my desktop from our test server ready to be thrown into a FTP client to upload to a GPS FTP server.

I'm currently running an Esseker Exile server and the 'FPS' is top notch with a server with 14 mods loaded at such a low price.

Overall compared to most Game Provider Services you see out there. For this price you'll struggle to find a decent provider like "Primus-Networks".

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Just joined Primus Networks after they contacted me on the Exile Discord because they could see I was having troubles with the server provider I had. George the Director at Primus explained to me all of the features that Primus would provide for your server. Their customer service is the best I've ever seen from any server provider. If you are having any trouble and submit a ticket they will usually reply within 1-2 hours and if not then they are probably sleeping. They even provided discounts because they didn't have a node near me. Their technicians are  great at what they do. They let you choose and personalize your server in many different ways. I would highly recommend choosing them as your Exile server provider! 

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So after years of playing arma 2 and arma 3 and dealing with cheats and bad admins on various servers i wanted to host my own server and give something back to the community as well as my friends who i would regulary play with online. I stuggled with various server hosting companys who wanted your money but were never there to help when you needed them most! untill i was approached by primus networks after they had seen i was in trouble with my previous server hosting company on exile forums. Its been the best decision i have made in terms of server hosting switching to a company who are there for all your needs and listen to what you are trying to achive in the gaming world. My server has been challenging to me and no delt primus networks! but they stuck by me step by step and have been very patient through out the process. I highly recommend primus networks to friends or anyone to be honest as in the server hosting world they are exactly what is needed on all levels. Great customer service and i definatly will not be going back to anyone else to run my server for me. Primus Networks is the way forward and i am happy i am part of it. :-)

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I have been through a few providers who failed to help me when it was needed but when i switched over to primus-network they helped me when I had issues and even helped me do mods, addons and scripts to my server. They are very helpful when it comes to server issues like crashes and also have quick response time on the support tickets. I would highly recommed using primus as your exile provider you get alot for your money and a very helpful and caring team to help you. 

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This company rocks very helpful very understanding of needs and wants in a server. Ive been through 2 different server companies before I found this gem. All employees are super nice and helpful give you timely updates on installs or maintenance going on in the server. They don't have an issue when I screw things up on the pbos or files in general. Thank you very much Primus you make my life less stressful with running a server. If I could give this company 10 stars I would. 

Thanks Primus,



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