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R. Whitlow

Oak North PMC Recruiting Beginner/Veteran

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Looking for a Arma 3 Exile group to play with? Well look no further. Oak North PMC is looking for fellow players to play with. We are looking for any one who is wanting to survive in the bold world of exile. We are currently a group of 4 and looking for active players. We here at Oak North PMC offer our work as  mercenaries, traders, and flat out survivalist. We play on modded servers (currently stationed in Do or Die Gaming Exile Remastered server). We are NOT milsim or a realism unit. However, we do sometimes act like it when goin in to battle or doing a AI mission. You do not have to have any previous experience to join. Although it is recommended. If interested in joining leave a reply below or add me on steam at...  Sgt. Whitlow

Requirements to join:
1. Legal working copy of Arma 3
2. Working Microphone
3. Discord or Teamspeak 3 (preferably discord)
4. Age 16+
5. Willing to download mods (including Exile)

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Hey bud


Still looking for new members? :)

I fit all your requirements :)

I'm 28

From Uk

Have 1.5k exp in arma exile

more then 2k in arma 2 ao

pm me or find me in dicord or steam

I Found A Bottle

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i have applied to a few other because im looking for a new group myself


just a few things bout my play style i prefer range that means 700m+ im a sniper by nature have been since the original dayz mod was first born i can do closer range but i prefer longer then 500m distancs because most players(that i tend to find) cant hit a moving target at 500m unless they spray an lmg or hmg most players are spray and pray so reply to this if u want more info i am from the us so playing together if u are in the eu or uk may be hard but leme know asap if ya would

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