Value Restriction #0 "IL_SetScore"

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Hi guys!

I installed IgiLoad and am getting kicked for the following restriction.

Value Restriction #0 "IL_SetScore" = [R Alpha 1-2:1 (Blake2394) REMOTE,20]

So I made my publicvariable.txt look like this.

7 "" !="IL_SetScore" !"IL_"
7 "i_am_global_banned"

I also tried !"IL_SetScore" but that did not work either. I went trough the release post for it here on the forums and on page 16 someone posted their filters for it but the publicvariable exception is not working. I searched the forums but could not find anything on it other than the guys battleye filters on the release post. I also remove the publicvariable.txt to try and bypass it but it still kicked me. I hope someone can help me out!

Thanks in advance!

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