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So I added the carrier into my map.... I have an idea in my head that I could use some help with. Please and Thank you for any and all help!


FREEDOM.jpg    Carrier Location:   [9000,6900,0]    dir  197.2


What I am trying to do:

Place Happy Harry in location:  8999.90625,6801.183105,39.572762      dirFacing - 19.793003      Should be a trader who only offers from his own list of items, not sure how to do this...? Any vehicles purchased should spawn here:  9004.654297,6821.405762,39.572762    dirFacing - 288.226196    Also not sure how to do that either.   





my last post said it was closed to replies for some reason.....?

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@looonytoonz, apparently you didn't take the hint when I locked your previous thread.. Post in the wrong section again I'll just just remove your ability to post.

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