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Steve Steele

Dev Needed for N.A. Server

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Hello All,

We need a Dev who knows what they are doing! We currently have the old case of "Tons of Ideas, No Experience", so our coding is currently at a standstill. We know what we want to do but can't get it done quite yet.

Here is what we have going for us:

  • So far we are a small team (4) of "Internet Mature" gamers (We are goofy but we also take ArmA seriously)
  • Current staff resides in Eastern Time of the U.S.
  • Currently, staff has over 6000 combined ArmA 3 Hours
  • Staff has held Server Staff positions on a fairly large Altis Life server in the past

About the Server

  • GTX Hosted Server will upgrade when it is time
  • Server Has 30 Slots, will increase when we need to
  • We already have a discord setup, and a TeamSpeak can be created when/if the need arises
  • Domain Name for forums has been purchased (Website will be up and running when we get the server up)
  • Infistar and the Addons will be purchased shortly
  • We have a Server Staff Slack that is used for Staff only
  • We have many friends from our former Altis Life server that love Exile and are waiting for us to put our server up. So we have a starting population of about 10-15 people

So, Does this interest you? If so read the Requirements below!

  • You must be 18+ (16+ if you seem mature)
  • Must be Fluent in English, both in spoken word and in writing (No broken sentences, able to understand English without help)
  • Must be available in Discord/Slack/TeamSpeak for a reasonable amount of the day (We all have lives but we need to remain in contact)
  • Must get along with others, as we do not want to deal with rude or arrogant people on our staff
  • You must go through an Interview Process and if possible show examples of your past work

If the above seems agreeable to you and you want to help a budding community possibly grow, then shoot me a PM!

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