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Arma Dev for Visual Studio Code

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Arma Dev

Building Arma 3 mod made easier using the Arma Dev tooling extension This Visual Studio Code extensions will optimize your workflow on building and singing pbo's, automate execution and installations.


  • Build your extension or add existing into the Arma-Dev configuration
  • Generate private keys
  • Pack server and client pbo files (incl. signing) with a single command
  • Install the client mod into the correct game directory
  • Run and debug (using *.RPT file) on the fly


Before using the Arma Dev please make sure you have properly installed the Arma 3 Tools. Open your existing Arma (server / client) and run the Arma 3: Configure command the setup the project.

Please refer to the Configuration section for further details

Below you can find all available commands

  • Arma 3: Configure: to setup the project
  • Arma 3: Pack: to pack pbos defined in your configuration file
  • Arma 3: Binarize: binarize cpp files from explorer context menu
  • Arma 3: UnBinarize: Unbinarize bin files from explorer context menu
  • Arma 3: Run: to start the game from your local computer
  • Arma 3: Run (With Logging): to start the game and display the logfile
  • Arma 3: Install Client: to install the client addon into your local game directory


The configuration file is located in .vscode/arma-dev.json and contains the following options.

  • title: The title of your project (no used yet)
  • name: The short name of the addon (this name is used as output folder)
  • buildPath: destination folder of all pbo files being generated
  • privateKey: the private key path being used to sign the client addon
  • serverDir: all server directories a pbo files should be created for (E.g. core and core_config)
  • clientDirs: all client directories a pbo files should be created for (ussualy its one or none)
  • version: a version number to track possible changes (not immplemented)



Extension Settings

  • arma-dev.logLevel: setup the log level (Info | Debug | Error)

or search "arma-dev" extension in vscode

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