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New Map Possibly Essker
New Weapons(Includes M4,M16,Taser.......)
Our Own Launcher That lets you download our server mods along with just exile mod.
Gun Safety(lets you put your gun on safe so no misfires happen)
New Vehicles
New Clothing

Roleplaying Features

Medical System

Im Looking for help in the following places.



Models(Make our own stuff if we can)

This is Not A PAID Position(There are plans for the future if we get big)

This server will be 100% exile mod based with our own touch to make it different than other server. if you are interested please leave a post back.


The only requirement is you must have a mic an teamspeak.

thank you for your time.




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I'm decent at coding so if you need help there, I might be able to lend a hand but when you said ears perked. See im a freshman in college for Video Game Design and I really want to have a good environment for modeling. hit me up if you're interested in having a novist modeler on your team.

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