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what does everyone think of paint been added to bases such as u can paint your walls/doors/gates you can get your standard colours then u can add like camo paint whats very hard to find or something, its more things to do/ add to your base plus it makes bases more unique to there owner as atm every base is just a brown box.  also this would help inside bases too say the red door is where u put all the guns or the blue door is the food room as i can never remember where stuff is lol or you could just add signs  to the game what you can put on boxxes/safes and doors saying say gun box anything really just a suggestion 


also, what about been able to paint striders/hunters and ifrits different colours such as blue,red,green different camos just makes people its abit better in my opinion its better than everyone being the same.

looking forward to the feedback. 

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Not sure if paint is the way forward however I am looking forward to see if the guys can bring something along to do with base customization.

I did hear them mention something about signs for crates/safes a while back before the first update.

I believe you can add your own custom vehicle skins if that's something you're interested in :)

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