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Booze Realism (or lack thereof)


Sorry if I seem a bit pedantic, but the blood alcohol level (along with alcohol content in beer) is a bit unrealistic. Here in the US, you're deemed mentally incapacitated (unfit to drive) at a BAC of 0.08%. Beer which raises your BAC to 0.4% is not only unrealistic, it would certainly kill a normal human being (perhaps many times over). I propose beer raise your BAC by 0.017%, the average one standard drink (1 12-ounce beer, one shot [1.5 ounces] of 80 proof liquor, or 4.5 ounces of wine) raises an average man's BAC on an empty stomach (I'm not expecting/asking you guys to factor in hunger) according to this site (virginia tech). In case you'd like to know, the site also mentions that the average male human body can process 0.5 ounces of alcohol per hour, and with the average beer being 4.2% alcohol, that means that a 12-ounce beer has right around 0.5 ounces of alcohol, so if not already implemented, you can reduce BAC by 0.017% every hour of in game time. Before you ask, no, I wasn't bullied in high school (probably because I'm 6'5"), but I am indeed the world's biggest geek/nerd. If possible, I think it would be cool to add alcohol poisoning to the game (die if you go over a certain BAC). BAC monitors in the xm8's health scanner would be cool too, since the only way to check your BAC at the moment is to drink more (LOL).

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