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Sid Debian

Questions about functions and fixes in Exile Mod


Good day, developers.

I would like to ask about some of the functions and methods in the inside game ArmA 3.

Will introduced the possibility to change the settings displayed HUD as in ArmA 3 (Alternative syntax of function showHUD presented with Arma 3 v1.49.131879) order that would allow server administrators to decide for yourself what you need on the screen?
Will there be represented by the ability to edit elements of HUD, that is, on / off indicator of food / water, light weapons? (Informing about the number of the cartridge so in reality you never know exactly how much you have in pratron automatic rifle after firing not long queue)
3. Will there be the possibility of fixed storage inside the buildings (that have a wooden floor) vehicles and equipment in terms of spawn Inside the buildings? (ie now if spawn technique, for example HEMTT reuel - it explodes)
4. Will the Corrected information panel weapon when player is inside vehicle? (There is a problem when switching to manual control of the fire, there is no information on the weapons (which is now active), how much is left cartridge / equipment and stores of weapons)?

In advance thanks. Sid Debian.

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