Server doesn't unlock anymore.

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First of all, I'm not sure if I am using the correct place to post this. Please let me know if I am.


So I've been working on setting up a server for 3 days now, with almost no knowledge of setting up a modded arma 3 server or a mysql database. I've used all kinds of tutorials and managed to install several mods. Everything was going well except for the common problems I've had to fix. I've managed to fix most of them, like, lootspawns in another map (Esseker), and placing the safezones, spawnzones etc. on the correct places on Esseker. I've been changing a lot of stuff lately since I wanted to get vehicle spawning and ryanzombies to work. Both of them still don't work. And now i've got another problem. Whenever I try to start the server, it does all the stuff it's supposed to do (#kick1-99) and say that the gameserver started. But it doesn't unlock:

I know I can edit the config to stop it from locking and I did. After that, you can join the server, retrieve the mission file but then it gets stuck at the "exile loading screen" at Waiting for Server. I have tried several things and I really don't want to start all over again to fix the server.  Is there anyone who came upon this problem and got to fixing it? Or anyone else that may be able to assist me?

Please note: None of the mods caused the problem. I've carefully tested all the mods by placing in one by one. The problem even stayed at 0 mods enabled.


If anyone needs any files, logs, etc. just let me know.


Thank you.

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