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How to fix "Bad server - Server connection rejected"


I downloaded Exile with A3Launcher and joined a sever. I was enjoying myself but the next day when I hoped on the game wasn't letting me in any of the servers I was trying to join with A3L, so I researched and found a number of things that could potentially fix my problem such as verifying the integrity of Arma 3, uninstalling and re-installing everything that's included in the concept of playing exlie, and switching from Dev version to None -opt out version, etc...

Now that I've exhausted every option with out  going into more advanced methods, I'm stranded, bored, and upset lol. If anyone could help me by saying something that isn't already on every page on the internet, it would be great.

If anyone who worked on the mod could inform myself along with everyone else through this forum post, it'll save the sanity of a large number of people.


Thank you for your time, Nixon.

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