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I recently installed the EXILE mod and I been trying to understand how to get it to work. I'd say I'm kinda lost on these forums and the replies I see seem to have some sort of language I can't understand very well. 

Basically, I wanted to set up an EXILE server (not dedicated, hosted by myself) for me and my friends to play in. Problem is, I'm not very fond of the Altis and/or Stratis maps from the base game; and I'd like to move this mod over to other maps - so that I can have fun while exploring them with my friends. Thing is, only Altis and Stratis seem to have the "EXILE" tag; and from what I've seen on the other posts there's only tutorials for the AiA Terrain packs; which from what I've investigated and looked at; Esseker doesn't seem to have the same method to get it to work with EXILE.
A few other questions I have are; how do I get the Thirst and Hunger to work? / How do I make loot and all of that work? (if any.)
But, the main question is how to move EXILE over to an Esseker map, and how to get it to work properly. If not Esseker, I'd be interested in being suggested other maps aswell.
And another key point, how to host on your own; I'm not looking for dedicated servers.

Thanks you very much. 

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