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Unlimited slot backpack or overflow

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Not so much an admin 'tool' but would be super useful for admins. Apologies if this already exists and I've just missed it or if I posted it on the wrong section.

As theres no overflow on A3 unlike A2, admins cant spawn in unlimited amounts of things quickly when doing things like refunding base parts for bases that randomly disappeared. The most I've ever managed to spawn in was 6 wooden floors at once, its rather painfully slow when having to refund a whole base. Would it be possible to add an 'admin backpack' that had unlimited amounts of slots just for this reason? It wouldn't need to save anywhere and could simply be wiped when the admin logs out to avoid it taking up space on the database.

I'm aware that there is the admin console to help but it would be some what easier with a big backpack.



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