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Exile not working


Every time I try to join a game I get this error. I have tried verifying, deleting and reinstalling but nothing works. When I download the latest exile mod from here, it says the archived file is empty. I have no idea what to do.


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You have the wrong version.  
Thats pretty easy to have occur this weekend as I have installed 4 versions on my server now in 3 days !!!patchmeme.jpg

 So, if you are joining servers, find out which version they are running and run that one.  You can install each version side by side in your Arma 3 folder and select which one you want to use at startup (I think, havent done it myself).

And if the files are corrupted, think maybe chrome is blocking the files with that "uncommonly downloaded" thing?   The files are good to download so if there is a problem, its something on your side ...

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i THINK you have the 932A version which had key issues - most all servers should be running 934 now anyways...


but what shooter said it possible - what i have done as an example, is to create multiple folders:





and then set this up in your launcher - then you can pick and choose which version you need!


simple and effective!


so you know, they do NOT need to be named 'exile' - you can call the exile mod 'burger king' if you so desire, it will still work...  ;)


good luck to ya!




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