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Attachments Duplicating In Vehicles



Having a problem with weapon attachments inside vehicles duplicating when something is sold out of the vehicle. Doesn't matter what the attachment is, or what's sold, any individual attachment in the vehicle inventory is duplicated.


I have a vehicle, in it's inventory I have two 7.62 suppressors, four bipods, and 4 6.5mm guns. I go to a trader and I sell all the 6.5mm guns.
After I've made the sales I now have six 7.62 suppressors and eight bipods in my vehicle inventory.

Prior to the 0.9.3x updates I was only having this problem with bipods, now it's every attachment.

Any help would be appreciated.

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At one point due to this issue I had 126 DMS scopes, and a shit ton of other attachments :D

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