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How to properly ignore EXILE weather

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So I want to run my own custom weather script, however I do not want it to conflict with the EXILE weather simulation. Currently I exec my weather script from the initServer.sqf and it works ok, I also change the interval in the exile_server_config config.cpp to a really high number so it never changes..

My questions are.. 

1. Is my dodgy method of overwriting the EXILE weather simulation... ok..

2. Would I be better off overwriting these two files within my mission config.cpp  and than execute my custom weather script???



3. Completely different tangent, but more out of curiosity - How efficient is EXILE's weather sync for multiplayer and does the weather transition or is it a blunt change, say if you set it to a 30 minute interval, does it just poooof change from sunny to overcast, and does it sync well with the clients?


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