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My post gets deleted, i dont know why

now my post gets censored.

you freaking kidding me?
not even a messsage why?

this is now the point where i stop wprkin on exile project, cuz this is shit!

i cant even release my extesnsions cuz i get censored


i dont care  anymore, other users will see so too.

funny how fast exile is dying

peace im out



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Hello you posted a topic in release subforum

which is fine but you had there atleast 2 adverts to your server ( link + picture with link ) + you have your server ( picture + link ) in your signature. If you would say something like "if you want to test the features look at my signature and join the server" but 3 adverts at the time in one topic isnt really a good thing. Server advertisement is only allowed at Showcase subforum.

Now the topic is edited:

Posted Friday at 12:41 AM (edited)

Heya guys jaust wanna inform ya,

i cant post anymore cause i get censored by exilemod staff

this sucks ultra and idc any more

fuck the exilemod.com


P.S Sorry no pack anymore, thanks to Exilemod.com


Anyway it seems that you get that the release subforum isnt a showcase but yet you did the showcase there.

Posted yesterday at 11:54 AM (edited) ·

@[Crazy] MrPromo Please, this is not a showcase topic, im announcing our work here!

if you like to work with us you can contact us, but dont announce your work here..



update tonight to v2.0 beta Edited yesterday at 11:55 AM by [LSI]Madd3x



I don't know what were you thinking... I looked at your profile and there is only a warning but no restrictions. If you had a restriction it was for 4 days to not spam advertisement, because you were spamming before showcase subforum so don't get me wrong but you overacting.

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funny how fast exile is dying

Hi, Sorry your having issues with your posts.

This bit you said i found to be interesting. If your server is dying we are sorry. Maybe you could try a new map?

As for The mod itself, Since its launch it has been growing both in players and servers at a fast speed.

In the past 2 weeks alone the players have doubled. These statistics were retrieved via the Arma 3 Launcher.

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