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Chopper refueling problem


I've experienced the same issue on more than one server.  When a chopper gets hit by gunfire, all the fuel drains out immediately (not the problem).  The problem is when I try to refuel the vehicle.  I repair with duct tape, and then with full jerry cans in my inventory I scroll-select "refuel".  Nothing happens, vehicle still has zero fuel, and jerry cans disappear from my inventory (no empty cans left).  I had an admin do this with 20 jerry cans in his inventory, and had the same result.

This means the only way to retrieve a chopper that is down in a remote area is to buy a refuel van and drive back to the vehicle, which is a huge PITA.  I understand not being able to refuel a Huron or whatever with jerry cans, but we're talking Little Bird, and 5 jerry cans is 1/2 of it's total fuel load, seems like it should be possible.

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I have the same problem :__(

I read in another post but does not work

To fix this bug, bring file :

ExileClient_util_inventory_replaceMagazine.sqf to mission and define it in your mission/config.cpp


change line 44:

    _object addItem _x;


    _object addItem (_x select 0);





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