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Installing Problems


After the update of exile 0.9.35 i had no problem installing it but after installing it when trying to get into a server it comes up with a list of 3 directions to get to files in the exile mod: gnt_c185.pbo dbo_old_bike.pbo and exile_client.pbo followed by saying they are not signed by a key accepted by this server. to play on this server, remove listed files or install addition accepted keys then it kicks me. 

so after deleting the 3 files i relaunch the arma 3 on A3launcher but it goes onto the server lobby for a split second then redirects me to the main loading screen without the exile logo in the background in which in normally has and had before i deleted the 3 files. 

Firstly i tried redownloading the mod and checking other mods that i have are good, i updated a3launcher then gave up on it and tried to launch it on arma 3 in which it would come up with the same 3 files error so i did the same thing again and deleted the 3 files then it came up with the mod being corrupt and wouldnt let me launch it.

any help will be useful thanks. 

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Sounds like you forgot to update @Exile client folder, and you forgot to copy the new key into the keys directory.

Edit: Could also be the server you're connecting to, that haven't updated yet.

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