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how to get rid of the battleye kicks - script restrictions...

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The ideal method is to check the log, as suggested - search for "#12345" where the number is the restriction you got kicked for. It'll show the code block that kicked you. Find that line in scripts.txt - it will be the line number + any commented lines, so the quickest way is to go to line 12345 (etc) and then keep looking past there until you find the "5 commandthatkickedyou" line.

Would be easier to explain if you included log info, but here's an example using some random stuff in my log file..

So, the number was #23. Searching scripts.log for #23 I find this:

08.02.2013 12:01:36: SOMENAME (123.456.789.12:2304) XXXXXXGUIIDXXXXXX - #23 "playActionNow "Die";


player allowDamage true;

player enableSimulation true;

0 cutText ["", "BLACK IN",3];



player addWeapon "

So I look in scripts.txt, starting at line number 23 and looking at the first word on each line until I find something that matches my code block. Here we go, line #25 - "1 enableSimulation" followed by a bunch of other stuff.

So, we don't want to kick (or in this case log - doesn't matter, same process) for this anymore. BattlEye is freaking because it sees "enableSimulation." I need to tell it that this particular code is legit - so, at the very end of the line that starts with enableSimulation, I put a space, and the following:

!"player enableSimulation true;"

So what we've told BE now is that enableSimulation, in general, is bad -- unless you see it in that exact format in the quotes there, in which case you can safely ignore it. Just make sure you copy and paste that exact line containing the "bad" command.

The only extra tricky bit -- If your code has quotes in it, like this for instance:

0 cutText ["", "BLACK IN",3];

You'll need to escape each of the quotes like this:

!"0 cutText [\"\", \"BLACK IN\",3];"

That way BE can tell the difference between a quote in the code and the quotes that are wrapping around the entire block of code.

Source: LINK

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Hey all

i hope that you guys help me with my battleye filters
i already using infistar battleye filters but its keeps kicking me for  

to restrictions

1:  Script Restriction #9 "mat ["   %3",_veh,_model,_icon,_vehicleicon];_marker = createmarker ["BIS_fnc_diagVehicleIcons_marker_" + str _foreachindex,_"

2: Sript Restriction #0 2:1621 Exile_Unit_Player 439496541 [6716,13826,1305]

can you guys please help me and tell me how to fix this restriction because im stock on it


greetings Maikel 

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