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Shutdown messages and reboot bug.


First of all sorry for my bad English.

Congratulations for this great mod.

I do not know if it will help the dev team but I noticed that the messages and the integrated reboot work perfectly when the start time and end party are included from 0:00 to 23:59 the same day. For example if a mission starts 10/01/2015 23:00 and with a 4 hours cycle must end on 10/2/2015 at 3:00 (am), the system will not function.

I quickly looked at the code of the function but I do not quite understand how it can be a problem, because the function does not use the current time, but the operating time of the server ...

I do not know if this observation has already been made and whether it can be useful, but being myself developer I know that sometimes a minor observation can put on the way of solving the problem ...

For information my server uses the 0.9.35 version of Exile, version 1.52 of Arma3 and  running on Ubuntu 14.04LTS.

Congratulations and thank you again.


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